Lava Grill

A great tasting dish prepared in a healthy way, which can be served on a stylish rock. Take your plating to the next level. For restaurants and home cooks alike.

Main Pros

Unique Serving

It is a proven fact that we eat with our eyes. It makes a big difference whether the dish is served on a small plate or on a stylish rock, which at first glance evokes something special.

Resistant Surface

The surface of the lava rock is mechanically very resistant. Meat can be served directly on the rock, on which it can be cut without the risk of scratching.


Preparing food on lava rock is much healthier as there is no need to add any additional fat when grilling.

How It Works


How to Heat the Rock

Simply heat the rock to 280 – 350°C(536 – 662°F) in the oven, on a gas stove, in a fire, in a kettle or, for example, in a pizza oven. The rock is normally heated for 25 – 40 minutes.


Temperature Test

There is a simple way to check the lava rock temperature. Spoon some water on the rock and it should evaporate within 10 seconds. In restaurants, a laser thermometer is commonly used.


Meat Preparation

The meat is then placed on the lava rock and roasted to the desired consistency. You can slice directly on the rock, or you can cut off a portion, place it on a plate next to you, and cook the rest.

Popular Dishes

Lava grill rock has many uses. Most often, our restaurant customers use it for premium dishes such as steaks, fish, shrimp or various fruits in combination with meat.


Types of Lava Grill Rock

Depending on the selected dish and method of serving, we offer several types of sets. From the classic lava rock itself to a set with containers for dressing or a plate for a side dish with garnish.

Lava Rock S

The S model is ideal for preparing juicy steaks, fish or healthy grilled vegetables. Suitable for use at home or for preparing tasty and unique meals outdoors at family or friends barbecues. The bamboo board takes up little space, allowing you to use your chef´s imagination and make the whole special with specially prepared side dishes and accessories.

Lava Rock M

The M model is suitable for serving dishes with sauces or smaller side dishes and garnishes – the bamboo board has three places for small bowls. This model is more suitable for home use due to its good compatibility. In restaurants, where the standard is meat with a side dish, the L model is mainly used.

Lava Rock L

The L model is the most popular and most used of all lava sets. It is mainly used in restaurants where, thanks to the plate and smaller bowls, you can serve food with side dishes, garnishes and individual dips for meat.

Lava Rock E

Model E differs from L in the plate, which in this variant is represented by a black surface from which the side dish can be eaten. This is a design element that is appreciated by selected restaurants.

Lava Rock F

The F model is ideal for those who are new to cooking on lava rock. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, for preparing non-traditional and tasty meals. The lava rock measures 33 x 19 cm, while the S model measures 21 x 14 cm.


We are the exclusive distributor for the Czech, Slovak Republics and other countries. We do not only sell lava grill rock, but we also try to be of maximum help to our customers so that they can taste the best gastronomic experience with fine-tuned taste and serving.


  • We deliver throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics. We send goods using several carriers. It always depends on how big an order is.

  • We certainly offer, it does not end with the sale itself. We are commonly available to our customers for any questions and usage tips.

  • Lava grill rock itself is very scratch resistant. After use, you just need to wash it easily and the lava rock is like new. The bamboo board that holds the rock is resistant to grease, so you don't have to worry about any stains. This set will last a really long time in perfect condition.

  • For restaurants we offer professional logo carving on a wooden board. We will cut out your logo for free in case you buy at least twelve sets.



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